Sometime last month, I had a huge burden
 for my only brother. 
I hadn't spoken with him in a while, 
but it kept coming so strongly, so I decided to pray it out. 
Day after Day it got stronger, at midnight i 
would pray and groan in the spirit about him...
So, I reached out to him on a Friday night and like
 the typical elder sister I am, before he would say
 I abandoned him I accused him already of 
abandoning me.
He said no I didn't abandon you, I have been going
 through a lot. So I told him; I know about it, I have 
carried a strong prayer burden about you for days, 
I don't know what it is, but I have prayed and prayed 
it out in the spirit, yet it is not going, so will you tell 
me about it?
He told me a few things and mentioned also his project supervisor frustrating him. 
His work had delayed because the man promised 
to frustrate him, no one could help him out. 
In the midst of that his laptop and phone crashed 
the evening of that day, everything he worked on was 
lost and he had a sort of presentation to do the next day Saturday.
He was so perplexed. 
So, I told him we will pray and God will handle it. 
I assured him I would be up 
at midnight to handle it on my knees and I needed 
him to calm all the way down and find some way to 
still, prepare for the presentation. He was encouraged 
and I ended the call.
I prayed that night and moved on the following day to 
discover the burden was lifted.
At night I called to ask how did it go? He said something unbelievable happened today...
His supervisor didn't show up and then another senior 
the lecturer asked what he was working on and the 
progress of his work, he told the man he hadn't 
made any progress because the supervisor kept 
trashing his work, so the man went through it and 
told him he was doing a great job and that he should 
do his presentation in the absence of the supervisor 
and him (the man) and his other colleagues would help 
him out. 
He presented that day and we thanked God.
When Mr supervisor returned he was still pouring 
out hail and brimstone over my brother's project. 
From the last time I prayed and felt the burden lifted 
I didn't pray about it again. In the midst of this, 
unknown to us, this supervisor had previously 
gotten into trouble with the university authorities 
and strangely the case was revisited afresh and so 
he had a lot of running around to do to save himself.
I called my brother last week to ask how far
He said the man had to leave school. 
He has a new supervisor and his work is going 
He kept saying Sister thank you! I told 
him we had to thank God for the intervention.
All of this happened in a space of 3 to 4 weeks.
If you walk with God by covenant people need to 
be careful what they do to you and to people 
connected to you.
Now, when God would destroy Sodom and 
He saved Lot because He remembered Abraham 
his friend. 
Lot and Abraham were family. 
Lot's spirituality wasn't what saved him, 
but that 
of Abraham his Uncle.
Can your family leverage on your spirituality 
and walk 
with God? Or you are just faking "spirri" 
up and down and you have no depth. 
Can God deliver them because he remembered you? 
Can you stand in the gap and deal with the devil 
on their behalf? Think on these things.
                                                          - Sharonee Ajao on Facebook

So Sunday service in my parish was going on as it 
should yesterday 
The pastor and all the ministers were well dressed 
and radiating the glory of God!
The Assistant Parish pastor was celebrating a career 
Daddy G.O preached blessed us all on live TV
Testimony time came
Birthday celebrants kicked it off! Someone got a 
promotion, someone’s business was restored, 
mighty but the usual taken for granted random stuff
Then an Elder stood up, he started testifying 
about his niece! 
His niece had been married for fifteen long years 
and had a son
Then she went to Gbagada general hospital for 
medical check-up last week Tuesday because 
she was feeling a little weak! The doctor did his 
test and she was immediately taken to the theatre
She was delivered of a 7months, 2 weeks old baby boy!
She didn't know she was pregnant
Nobody knew she was pregnant! 
They didn't have baby things! 
The husband was shocked and bemused!
 The whole church went along with joy. 
I checked my phone and there she was on my 
Whatsapp, sister R, her prayer request was for God 
to give her a second child dated September 17 2018
I didn't say a word! Service ended! Sister R called me 
to share her testimony, I didn't let her land! 
I told her the whole story! She was shocked! 
How did you know everything to the last detail? 
Are you human? She asked
I said ”your Uncle worships in my parish 
and had testified”
She said: (She was from another denomination) 
my uncle had invited me to your parish for prayers 
but my husband didn't want me going to places 
for prayers
I didn't know you were the same person I was 
talking to on twitter! Lord Jesus!
The doctors diagnosed her condition as 
”Rhesus Factor related”! They told her she will never 
have another child! 
God put a baby in her womb and even she didn't 
know it! 
She said ”My tummy didn't grow and I didn't feel 
pregnant! Brother Gbenga, I saw my period 
I just sat there! As perplexed as the man by the 
beautiful gate! 
This God!
The changer of every story!
He made the one without a womb to carry and 
deliver children
He made another one a mother overnight!
This morning, I am saying ”Ride on, Ride on, in majesty! 
My Jesus, My King!”
                                        - Brother in Jeans and T-shirt

There is a greater and higher
There is a bond forged so strong
There is a man whose love is not bound by time
There is a man who loves regardless
I've tried all I can to find love
I've searched and dreamt of love
I practised what it feels like for the kind 
of love, I dream of
Lately, I'm coming to the knowledge of a 
greater than I
I don't yet have my desired love
But daily as I lean into him he shows me 
more of his person
His love is all encompassing and borderless
His love does not suddenly come and disturb 
the equilibrium of life as I know it
His is a euphoric kind of love
I open up like flower petals after a long stormy night
And always when the night comes and causes a closing 
of the flowers I can't wait for the first drop
of dew to bask in his love all again
My prayer is still kind of mechanical
But there are glimpses of his love that holds me 
put and I find myself wanting to spend forever on
his laps
Then the cares of the world come crashing and
And vamoosed just like that I'm earthed
Dear Lord, sweet holy spirit, Lord Jesus it can't 
always be like this
I want a new narrative
I want the whole deal
Plunged in his blood
Washed in his blood
Resting in his love
All for his love
A love that never grows cold
A love as old as time

- Elizabeth Akanni

I was once in a Sunday service
Worship was going on
The presence of the Holy Spirit was so heavy
One choir member froze, she couldn't move
Others members were praying in the spirit
Many were crying
The choir leader walked towards the frozen one
She tapped her on the shoulder trying to get her 
to come back to consciousness and sing
As soon as her hand touched the frozen one
She screamed!
It was as if she touched a live wire!
She flew from the altar and landed 
on the choir stand
A distance of about 100 meters
It was scary!
Then she started to scream and cry!
Service couldn't continue
Her husband was watching her in awe 
The pastor was watching her in awe
Nobody wanted to touch her 
At the back of everybody’s mind was that 
thought ”What if I touch and get arrested 
like this too?”
It was wonderful
I carried her to the Pastor’s office! Her husband 
stayed with her throughout the service! 
She was totally taken over for hours
By 6pm I went to pay her family a visit!
We prayed together
The spirit lifted!
The impact of that experience turns her 
Christianity around forever
She became a teens church teacher with fire 
in her bones!
Stubborn teens were brought to her from all 
She would lay hands on them and get them
 filled with the Holy Ghost
She came to the place of understanding that 
the gospel is not in mere words but in power!
For our gospel came not unto you in word only, 
but also in POWER , and in the Holy Ghost, 
and in much assurance; as ye know what manner 
of men, we were among you for your sake.
                                     - Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo

Before knowing Jesus Christ, I used to do a lot of 
dark things. I was addicted to alcohol,
fornication and smoking weed to a greater degree. 
There was this specific day
that I went into my normal drinking spree with friends. 
I was still on Campus then. 
I started to take alcohol as my usual routine when 
not attending
lectures, it was on a Friday. 
That specific day I took alcohol more than
12 hours and took drugs but was not even high. 
I went to my room at around 7:20pm to take dinner. 
After eating I was to attend a friend’s night party, 
but decided to take a nap. 
While relaxing in my bed at around 8 pm, there was 
such a presence in the house that I have never seen 
in my life. 
I could clearly feel the presence of someone in the 
room even though I was alone. 
And there Jesus appeared to me. 
I couldn’t see him physically but I knew He was the one. 
I know you might be wondering how it happened, 
but brethren when Jesus comes to you , you
will automatically know He is the one. 
I knew he was Jesus and never questioned
about that. 
He showed me his love and unfolded my filthy life to me. 
I was very filthy and unworthy before our Lord but Jesus accepted me as I was.
Romans 5:8 "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us"
 Yes, Jesus loves us so much.
We conversed with Him for over an hour or so and told 
me to leave EVERYTHING! I was reluctant to leave my life 
and questioned Him on how I was going to leave
some things. 
He clearly said to me this strong word that has ever 
remained in my life until now. 
Many things happened but let me just sum it up. 
My life took a turn and Jesus became everything to me. 
My dear brother and sister, you can make JESUS your 
life by just believing in him just as I did. Romans 10:9
says if you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," 
and believe in your heart that God raised him 
from the dead, you will be saved.
                                                                               - Tony Rev

The things God has done for me are countless 
He is a Mighty and awesome God.
Just a few weeks ago I fell sick suddenly, later on after 
the treatment I was told my sugar levels was low,
 and I didn't have a pulse!
I could not breathe properly and I began to tell God 
"is this how I am going to depart? God, I have not finished my assignment.
The Name  Jesus raised me from that sick bed.
He Has done so much for me.
Glory to The Most High God. 
                                                            - Nara